10 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Reception

Weddings are a great chance to show your family and friends who you are as a couple.  It’s not hard to do with a little planning.

Here are 10 ways to personalize your reception:

  1.  The Menu
    Chicken lovers?  Vegan?  Pie People?   Include your food style in your menu.
  2.  Place Card Table
    Go the classic route with basic cards.  Add personalized messages or images.  Or use antique keys.  Your Place Card Table is the first thing your guests see so make it count!
  3.  Table Names
    You could call tables by number, but why not use a fun theme?  Maybe favorite destinations, favorite books, etc.
  4.  First Dance
    Oldies, 80’s or choreographed–make your first dance special and memorable.
  5.  Prop Centerpieces Instead of using the florist’s idea of your theme, create masterpieces with flowers, fruit, ribbon, accessories and more.
  6.  Wedding Favors
    The possibilities are endless to personalize gifts for your guests.
  7.  DJ List
    Be sure to pick songs that reflect you.
  8.  Photo Booth
    Create or hire a Photo Booth service to allow guests to be themselves too!
  9.  Bouquet Throw
    Do you want to do the traditional throw to all the single ladies?  Or maybe have a dance with all couples and give the bouquet to the couple who has been together the longest? Or have a musical chairs competition for the bouquet?  There are many ways to be creative here.
  10. Cake Toppers
    Google “Cake Toppers” and you’ll be amazed at the possibilities.  Yes, you can use those Disney figurines if you so choose! 

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Adventurer, videographer, writer, blogger, tea enthusiast, Renaissance woman, studette, hiker, runner, reader, vegetarian.
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