10 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors are a great way for a couple to express their style and creativity.  Here are some ideas for unique favors to leave your guests smiling after the party:

1. Homemade Granola

Packaged all nice in Mason Jars, with homemade tags.

2. Retro Rounds

Like what you get out of a prize machine at a supermarket…except with a prize specific to your wedding.

3. Signature Soda Pop

Homemade glass soda pop bottles for a nice take away.

4. Homemade Candy

Gummies, candied orange peels, salt water taffy.  Make your guests special delicacies.

5. Personalized Flash Drive

The gift that will keep giving long after the vows are spoken.

6. Hot Cocoa Cones

For guests to make a drink later on.

7. Simple Succulents

To bring out the green thumb in your guests.

8. Homemade Tea Bags

For guests to make a healthy drink later on.

9. Mini Pies

Individual pies are sure to be a late night delight.

10. Charitable Treat

Donate in the name of your guest and help the world.

Check out the full list and descriptions at Real Simple.



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